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              Mailing Address

             ABBYLAND FOODS, INC.
             P.O. Box 69
             502 East Linden Street
             Abbotsford, WI  54405

             Phone:  800-732-5483
             Local: 715-223-6386
             FAX:  715-223-6388

             For Sales inquiries Email:

          For Nutrition inquiries Email:
         Quality Control


Now accepting online orders via email. All major credit cards accepted. Shipping will be UPS.

Please contact: Abbyland.Sales@abbyland.com or CstoreMngr@abbyland.com for more info.

Welcome to Abbyland Foods

Harland Schraufnagel founded Abbyland Foods, Inc. in Abbotsford, Wisconsin in 1977. Today Abbyland quality and service have made the company a fast growing full line meat processor...growth which has led to three plant expansions in recent years and provides you excellent capacity.

The Abbyland "Made in Wisconsin" label is your assurance of: Sausage products recognized as among the best made anyplace in the country. Modern production facilities to maintain the very best service in the industry. A well managed, financially stable partner capable of meeting your customers' demand for quality sausage products. Abbyland branded products are distributed through major regional warehouses.


Our Mission  

  To Serve Our Customers by meeting their needs for quality meat products.
  To Adhere to our corporate standards of quality, integrity and service.
  To enhance our reputation and continue the pursuit of profitable growth.


The Natural Choice for Today's Living

In the heart of Wisconsin, where Abbyland products are made, sausage making is a folk craft still practiced by descendants of the German and Eastern European immigrants who settled the area.

Abbyland's full line of specialty sausages are still made in that traditon - blending old-world skill and pride with modern food processing technology. Abbyland sausages are still made from the freshest select cuts of meat and the finest hand-selected spices. They're slow cured and naturally smoked and cooked with the same old-fashioned art and expertise that won blue ribbons at the country fair 100 years ago; then packaged and made ready for shipment in one of the industry's newest, most modern meat processing plants.

The result is sausage that's a natural choice for today's living: good old-fashioned flavor, convenient and nutritious.

We stand behind our Abbyland products with pride.

Harland Schraufnagel

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